Some places mark the minds, Yport is one !

    - Because light attracts butterflies, Normandy called artists.
    - The brilliance of its fields, the variety of its sites and especially the wild beauty of its shoreline as its valleuse make it one of the richest corners of France in various artistic footsteps.
    - This small fishing village, now a seaside resort, is one of the places of the Alabaster Coast, where painters, writers, photographers, sculptors and musicians like to put their suitcases and find rest and inspiration to create. The light striking the high chalk cliffs inspires artists easel.
    - Maupassant went there several times: "A treasure of beauty in a green setting," he will write about Yport.
    - Yport is also a long history of sea fishing, the time of caïques to pick up herring and other delicacies from the sea.
    - We admire his place his church, built in 5 months only by its inhabitants and the many streets which make all the charm calm, peaceful and enchanted (!).
    - Yport: a village of character! Yport, a village where life is good

    How come ?

    - From Paris: 200 km - Highway A 13 - Exit Brotonne Tancarville Bridge or Bridge - Fécamp management. Epreville, turn right towards Yport.
    - From Boulogne, Rouen and Le Havre: Highway A 29 - Exit Fécamp. Epreville, turn right towards Yport.
    - By train, from Paris - Saint-Lazare (Le Havre line). Stop at Bréauté Beuzeville. Change to Fecamp. Then bus or taxi.

    Main events

    - Parties herring or mackerel and many association events throughout the year.
    - Torchlight: July 13, 2018
    - Street Games in the village: 14 July 2018
    - Fireworks and grand public concert: August 14, 2018
    - Festival of the Sea: August 15, 2018

    ------> Le site municipal

Le Nautique

"Un Café de Pays"

57 rue Alfred Nunes
76111 Yport

02 35 29 76 10

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